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It is essential to keep in mind prior to placing an order for delivery, especially in cases of huge and large sized furniture items that there is enough space for access through your home right up to the respective room for which the furniture is intended to be bought and placed in. One needs to be accurate with respect to the measurements i.e height, width & diagonal depth in order to make sure that the furniture item can be easily entered in the room and that there’s plenty of space to operate around the corners and through the doors.


It is pertinent to note that the customers need to be sure before placing an order that the furniture will fit into the respective space/ room in your home. We expect full disclosure of any difficulties or obstacles by the customer beforehand so that we can ensure correct delivery and avert return of orders. Also, the customers need to ensure that the furniture can fit in through all entry points, elevators and stairways of your house. Please Note: Extra charges will be applicable in case of failed delivery or cancellation of order.

Consider these essential tips given below before ordering your furniture:
•    Govern the best entryway from outside your home to the room where the ordered furniture item will be placed.
•    Ensure that all access points are unobstructed and wide enough for the desired item.
•    Make sure to measure the heights and widths of all entryways, including all stairways and hallways, both inside and outside your home (see 1).
•    Accurately measure the interior widths, depths and heights of all elevator doors to be used for delivery.
•    Evaluate your entry clearance – the distance from the wall through the doorway to the opposite wall (see 2).
•    Make account of all corners, ceiling height, stairways (heights, widths, angles, bannisters), low hanging fixtures and any architectural details (see 3).
•    To ensure that there is smooth and efficient delivery, the item’s minimum clearance must not exceed the height or width of any of the entryways (elevators and stairways included) to be used for delivery.
•    Please Note that the furniture measurements we provide reflect overall dimensions, and over.
•    For bigger sized or larger sofas you will also need to check there is enough space to turn the furniture.
•    Also consider if there are any internal obstacles like wall lights, low hanging lights, framed prints on wall, low ceilings, beams etc. 
DISCLAIMER: This is only a estimate or a guide that provides an overview regarding the efficient delivery but does not guarantee your furniture purchase will fit. It is important to note that our delivery personnel are not equipped to remove doors and windows to make access or even open the crates. In case, the doors, windows or stair banisters need to be removed in order for the furniture to fit, you will need to make arrangements for the same on your own.


It is very important to ensure that the furniture will fit into the respective room for which it intended to be ordered. Also, all measurements and dimensions of every single piece of furniture can be located on our website and product pages. In case, any additional information regarding the dimensions of the same is required, we can be reached out through our customer care numbers or through e-mail. Please Note that the furniture items as shown on our website may appear much smaller as compared to what it will appear in your room. The most efficient way to check the amount of floor space with respect to the furniture dimensions would be to mark the area by using a masking tape or a newspaper template. Also, make sure there’s enough space while placing an order for a reclining armchair or sofa bed even when it’s fully extended. 


Our products are carefully handled and handcrafted by our skilled craftsman in our factory and production units, we ensure that our products are properly secured even while they are in transit for the safety of the goods, considering the uncertainty that occurs especially while multiple handling that may damage these goods. It is pertinent to note that most of our goods are secured with multilayer packaging involving Plastic wraps, Bubble sheet, Foam sheets, Foam Corners and all packed in a Heavy gauge Corrugated boxes. In case of further security, we sometimes pack certain items with the wooden crates which although can be a bit bulky and very expensive but if they’re absolutely necessary for efficiently securing the product then we make sure that they are attached with the respective products from our end.


In case, the packages are too big to pass through your staircase /entryway/pathway, one important tip is to open the products downstairs and then take the opened products up in different parts. For example, the additional parts like seats, cushions and detachable legs etc. can be removed to make the product lighter and smaller so that it can be conveniently carried to your intended room. Also, these can be easily assembled in your living room or the final room where the product is intended to be placed.


Please note that the delivery person is not permitted by our logistics partner to wait while you are opening the goods. Although, only in case you see any extreme visible damage to the external product/packaging (carton, crate etc), you should show the same to the delivery personnel and open the goods yourself or with the help of a local carpenter (if there is a wooden crate) as appointed by you in advance and inspect the same. Also, we advise you to take pictures of the damaged product/ external packaging and send a mail to with the Order details, for us to take the case up with our logistics partner. The note of the damage should also be made on the Proof of Delivery Slip or Airway Bill (AWB).

  • IMPORTANT: It is pertinent to note that as we ship our products to more than 5000 locations in India, it is not possible for us to arrange personnel for opening these packages and ,therefore, that would have to be arranged by the customers themselves. Also, as mentioned above that the Delivery Personnel are not obliged or authorised to open/ assemble the furniture or packages upon delivery and that that their duty is to only deliver the goods efficiently to the customer because they are not directly employed with Lusso Mora and work with the Third Party Logistics companies. Therefore, you are requested to cooperate with them and not force them to open the crates, packages etc.

  • IMPORTANT: It is to be noted that the measurement of furniture/ packages is the customer's sole responsibility and we encourage to study the sizes mentioned on the product page carefully and see if the furniture you order fits into your entryway/pathway/stairway and the respective rooms before ordering the products. In case of any error on your part to do the same, we shall not be responsible. Extra Charges shall be levied by Lusso mora or the logistics partner in the event of any failed delivery due to any such refusal or unavailability or in case of any subsequent attempts to deliver the goods .


It is important to note that majority of our furniture does not require any or at the most very minimalistic assembly that can be done by self like basic screwing of the round legs to the base of the sofa or attaching the legs of the coffee tables. In some products, the Back legs have a plate mechanism where the screws can be fixed with an allen key that is provided in the kit along with easy to follow instructions. In case of specific use of certain nuts/ bolts or Allen key screws, they are provided along with the required spanner or allen key to help you with the installation. Please note that currently assembly service is not provided by us, however, detailed assembly instructions if any required are inserted in the package and the goods can easily be assembled by the customer themselves or with the help of a local carpenter.


Ordinarily, you will get a call from the Courier Company/ Logistics partner confirming the tentative date and the time of delivery. However, we cannot guarantee their code of conduct as we do not have any direct control over the courier partners/ logistics partner. Also, make sure that you give us your correct address and phone number details at the time of placing the order. In case you are planning to travel or due to any other unforeseeable reasons be unavailable on the contact number given earlier, please make sure to inform us in advance so that we can plan the shipping and delivery as per your convenience and availability.


The delivery person will deliver the large goods to your building premises or wherever it is physically possible to deliver the goods for them and the responsibility of our logistics partner is limited to delivering such large goods to the ground or maximum to the first floor. Therefore, you are requested to arrange for your own labourers / manpower in advance or post delivery to get the big products to the higher floor as the delivery person is not obliged to and may not be adequately equipped for the same .As per our current status, we do not have resources as well as required personnel to deliver the large furniture to your floor, therefore, we will need your cooperation to arrange your own personnel/ labourers to carry the furniture to the floor of your residence.


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