An Insight into Our Furniture

At Lusso Mora, we ensure that each and every piece of furniture that we offer to you is handcrafted with utmost care and perfection. Every piece of our furniture is made with fine craftsmanship that is hand finished and uses traditional methods which enable its durability and determine its strength and in turn also ensures our customers, long years of satisfaction. Also, our crafting retains natural elements such as knots, grain and colour variations that makes our furniture extremely unique and exclusive.

General Care Instructions

Knowing how to care for your quality Lusso Mora furniture correctly, ensures added value through years of use and unsurpassed seating comfort. To learn about easy-to-follow care techniques that will help protect your investment, carefully review and follow Lusso Mora’s general care instructions. An important element in the décor of our homes is the care we demonstrate that is evident through appearance. Correct care, however, can only be based on the knowledge of what is required. Therefore, it is worth noting a few points that will help you appreciate and understand your new Lusso Mora furniture.,

The following Instructions need to be followed to help prolong the life of your leather upholstery and Lusso Mora advises the following:,

  • Regular dusting – . To remove atmospheric dust and dirt that could cause premature wear, regular cleaning will be required to be done with a soft cloth or brush on most days in order to maintain the appearance of your furniture. Also, occasionally it may be wiped with a soft cloth very lightly dampened with a mild detergent solution and dried with a lint-free cloth. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on leather. Show wood should be kept clean with a damp cloth rinsed in warm water, never use detergents. Clean coordinated items at the same time, as some colour loss may occur.
  • Bees wax furniture polish – will need to be procured from a reputable supplier and may also be used on wood.
  • Wooden Polish containing Silicone should not be regularly used- as it will lead to a buildup of a silicone film altering the appearance of the piece.
  • Glass or mirrored panels – should be cleaned using a non solvent based glass cleaner and soft cloth, carefully avoiding contact with wooden or painted sections.
  • Upholstered seats – should be maintained regularly with a soft brush and/or gently vacuuming and periodic cleaning is required to maintain appearance and prevent premature fading and wear. You can also use professional dry cleaning services for the same.
  • In Case of Spilling on furniture- they should be removed immediately by blotting with a clean, dry cloth, work towards the centre of the spill. Do not rub or use abrasive cleaners, solvents or detergents as this may damage the furniture. Should the piece become stained or suffer other damage we recommend professional help is sought. If the spillage has caused staining on fabric we recommend you contact your dry cleaner who are equipped to deal with such occurrences.
  • Application of specialist leather care products- should be used only as directed on the container and try first on a hidden area of leather. Do not use leather soap, saddle soap, hide food, or any polish other than that recommended by a reputable retailer. Suitable leather care kits can be obtained from reputed retail stores and online.
  • Shrinkage - Always allow for 3% shrinkage upon the first wash or dry clean.
  • Be extra Careful in case of delicate flooring- it will be needed to be protected from potential marking by feet or legs. Also, Dropping furniture onto corners or feet will cause damage to the frame and/or legs.
  • Do not Lean backwards on two legs of a chair as that will weaken its joints.
  • Sharp Objects – Make sure to prevent sharp objects such as toys, buckles and heels from coming into contact with your furniture as they may cause damage.
  • Use of chemicals should be avoided – chemicals such as hair & makeup products, perfume etc as these may affect the finish of fabric and leather and will damage its surface.
  • Seek professional expertise and help – in case your furniture becomes stained, scratched or chipped or suffers other damage .
  • We recommend you discourage domestic pets from climbing on or clawing upholstery.
  • Avoid air pollution- such as cigarette smoke and cooking fumes, which can cause leather to fade or change colour.
  • Avoid sitting on the arms or edges of furniture as this may cause distortion or damage. Pushing feet against or placing them on the arms may cause damage to the arm or frame.
  • Please do not allow your furniture to be jumped on, as this will damage the springs and frame, and invalidate the warranty.
  • Take great care when unzipping covers and replace them correctly, never force a zip, and avoid trapping fabric when fitting, or lifting items by the zips.
  • Use pads beneath accessories and when writing or eating.

There are some specific instructions to be followed for leather care in addition to the above general care instructions for all furniture types :-


It is important to understand the features found on all good quality leathers. The following are natural characteristics of leather (not faults/defects):

We at Lusso Mora offer leathers to suit all tastes. Some of our leathers have extra character with distressed and wax finishes. These create more significant variances in textures and colours, with enhanced markings under the wax. Pull up will be evident especially on waxed finishes and the crackle effect will vary for a truly individual look . Some of our leathers have had the surface texture removed and a finish applied giving a more uniform appearance, although characteristics may still be visible. It is truly said that True beauty comes with maturity. With a little care leather can only improve with age. Occasionally the odd mark or scratch can occur, body shape moulding will happen and colours may mellow, but this does not affect durability, it will simply enhance the unique appearance of your piece and add extra character.

  • Common surface variations include scratches, wrinkles and healed scars.
    • Scratches Smooth to the touch, these rub marks may accept dye with slight variation to the surrounding area. They can be recognised as dark lines in the leather; they will vary in size, shape and texture and do not affect the durability or performance.
    • Scratches On some wax finished leathers, characteristic scratch type marks may occur during the tanning and tumbling processes, these will be under the wax and quite normal. Wax and oiled finishes may scratch in use, however these surface scratches can be reduced by massaging the leather to redistribute natural oils
  • Wrinkles -Natural folds highlight unique grain patterns.
  • Healed Scars, Barbed-wire scratches and abrasions create organic surface texture and one-of-a-kind authentic leather characteristics. These marks do not affect the durability of the hide.
    • Neck, Growth Marks and Body Moulding: These lines are caused by stretching in the hide during its lifetime and may look like creases in the leather, these are features of leather and do not affect performance. After a time all leathers will relax and mould from use, this is quite normal with leather upholstery and will not reduce comfort.
    • N Shade Variation: Every hide will have a slightly different grain pattern, and variation in colour and grain within the same hide can occur. Four hides are needed to make one large sofa, so variation in colour and texture may occur between the different parts of a piece.
    • N Pull Up: Leather must be stretched taut for perfect upholstery; this causes it to appear lighter in colour especially across tighter areas such as arms. This effect will be more obvious on wax and oiled finishes.
    • N Leather Hides - No two leather hides are exactly alike, because each has a different history that may include climate, age and heredity.
    • N Natural Variation in Texture Premium leather hides used for upholstering furniture will exhibit non-uniform surface qualities, depending on the area of the hide from which they were cut. Pigment-dyed, buffed and embossed leather will obscure some of these natural texture characteristics. Variations in texture are not flaws and will not affect the leather’s durability.
    • N Natural Variation in Shades Premium aniline and semi aniline dyed leather may further display subtle variations of color across the surface of the hide. When the hide is cut and sewn together on your furniture, care is taken to attempt to match adjacent pieces, but subtle color differences may occur. These are not signs of poor quality; in fact, they highlight the unique and natural quality of the best upholstery leather.
    • N Please NOTE: Particular care should be taken if you are taking certain medications (including, but not limited to; chemotherapy, blood pressure and heart medications). Some properties of these medications can be transferred through perspiration onto the surface of the furniture and cause Stains or Damage. If you use these kinds of medications we recommend that you increase the frequency of cleaning and protecting your leather furniture. Pay particular attention to arms and head rests, and those areas that experience the greatest body contact
    • Following the above guidelines regarding cleaning and care instructions will ensure optimum product performance is maintenance of furniture. Lusso Mora is not responsible for defects caused by the misuse of your product.


      Diversion in atmospheric temperature and humidity due to season changes will cause all wooden furniture to show slight movement. This may occasionally make moving parts a little stiffer to operate. In order to simply to ease the movement of drawers, rub a little candle wax on the drawer runners attached to the carcass of the furniture drawer. Lusso Mora does not recommend locating products in excessively high or low temperatures, or where the environment is often damp as this may cause product issues.

      • Levelling of surface - to ensure that the doors hang correctly and open smoothly it is essential that your furniture is positioned on a level surface .
      • Products with doors have either adjustable hinges or wedges to square the doors if the floor is not levelled.
      • Re-adjustment / Re-Levelling may be needed – in case the doors fail to operate smoothly, or the product is moved, and either re-adjustment of the doors or levelling of the corners may be needed and for that any suitable packing material may be used.
      • Utmost care must be ensured when moving products- We recommend they are lifted by two persons as dragging items across the floor will cause damage to the joints. Unless the furniture is fitted with castors, it is not recommended to slide or drag it. By sliding or dragging your furniture, breakage can occur. Never move the sofa or chair by dragging or lifting by the armrests: the correct way to move the sofa is by lifting it from the base. Protect the edges of your furniture while in transit. You should refer to the literature accompanying your Lusso Mora furniture or ask your retailer for advice.
      • Operating Furniture Safely- Upholstery with moving mechanisms should be operated with care. Standing on an ottoman is not safe, sitting or standing on an armrest or an ottoman is also unsafe and never recommended. Keep chair seats and backs in an upright position when not in use. Do not allow children to play on or near mechanised furniture or to operate mechanisms.
      • Assembly in case of Large items- which are assembled on site from multiple sections should be disassembled before relocation to a new position. Self Assembly items should be assembled at the intended location and lifted carefully into position.
      • These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used with most standard dimmers. They are also known as tungsten bulbs.
      • Distinctive Feature- is an outer glass construction enclosing an inert glass and filament. The filament consists of a thread of wire made from tungsten which emits a warm light when an electric current is passed through it.
      • Efficiency – they are less efficient as much of the required energy is given off as heat which makes this type of bulb. Therefore we recommend the use of these bulbs only for decorative and occasional use.
      • The average life of these bulbs is about 3000 hours.
      • The bulb may have clear or vintage looking glass depending on the style. The slight golden color of the glass is not a defect or an indication of burning of the bulb.
      • At the moment we only offer E27 fitting for the bulbs.

      At Lusso Mora we care for the environment and would urge our customers to help reduce the carbon emissions and conserve energy wherever possible. Lusso Mora suggests the following tips to save energy with lighting:

      • Make use of natural light –There’s nothing better than sourcing natural light, and in terms of energy use, nothing’s more efficient. A single skylight or properly positioned window can provide as much light as dozens of light bulbs during the daylight hours. To benefit more from natural lighting you may need to rearrange the furniture in your rooms by putting your favourite reading chair over by the window, for example. To help get that light deeper into the room, you can paint your walls a light color and use reflective louvers, curtains or Venetian blinds.
      • Reduce background light levels and rely more on task lighting: You can save a lot of energy by concentrating light just where it’s needed and reducing background or ambient light levels. This strategy is called task lighting and is widely used in office buildings, but it makes just as much sense at home. Install track of recessed lights or use floor or table lamps to illuminate your desk or the kitchen table where you do the crossword puzzle, and keep the ceiling lights off.
      • Use incandescent lights wisely: Higher-wattage incandescent light bulbs are more efficient than lower-wattage bulbs. It takes two 60-watt bulbs or four 40-watt bulbs to provide as much light as a single 100-watt bulb. In a fixture that holds several bulbs, you’ll save by using a single higher-wattage bulb instead of several smaller bulbs. Also, be sure to follow precautions on the fixture about maximum wattage.
      • Wood is natural material and its beauty lies in its unique properties that need to be understood so that they should are not mistaken for flaws:
      • Wood Shading and Grain: Each piece will have a slightly different and unique grain pattern. Variation in colour, shading and grain between different products and within the same product can occur; this is a normal feature of all natural wood furniture.
      • Knots: Knots are a natural property of all real wood furniture; they do not affect performance, and add interest to each piece.
      • Medullary Rays: These markings are created where wood is cut across the grain producing interesting features such as growth rings and flecks.

      "Down" is the undercoating of waterfowl and consists of light, fluffy filaments growing from a central quill point, thereby creating a three dimensional structure which traps air and gives down insulating ability.

      The properties of down which make it so popular are its

      • light weight, compressibility, recovery power, resilience and breath-ability.

      At Lusso Mora, we give you an option of using a mixture of imported down and feather to give the most luxurious and comfortable experience. All our down and feather filled products come with a tag with the symbol showing down and feather mark.

      • Fibre pads- Keeping cushions plump and comfy is a simple procedure and they must be plumped daily after use to maintain the soft comfortable feel.
      • Proper maintenance of pads – Because they flatten to some extent after regular use and adopt the shape of the user, a regular fluff and rotate will ensure more even wear. On a weekly basis , turn the pad onto one of its outside edges and beat the opposite side vigorously inwards with the flat of your hand, repeat for each side, then shake and replace. . If the cushions are reversible, turn them regularly.
      • If you purchase sofas that have a fiber, foam or down filling, it will be necessary to re-model or ”dress” them to ensure they return to their initial look, when they may have been compressed or altered during transit. Pads must be removed from their covers to carry out maintenance on a regular basis.
      • Odour -Down feather filling might sometimes have a peculiar smell associated with feathers. This is natural and will go away with time. The feather pillows can be dried properly in sunlight for removing any such odour and humidity. Odour is completely normal on brand-new pillows.  Allow new pillows to air out for several days before using them if the odour bothers you. Most of the odour dissipates on its own over time.


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